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Types of Live Bands to Hire for Your Wedding

If you’re planning to include a wedding live music on your most important day, it’s important to hire the right services that will reflect your wedding theme, venue choice, and music preferences. Not all types of music are suitable for weddings, and it’s important to pick key songs and performers at important points in the ceremony and reception to achieve the right mood.

Below are descriptions of events bands you can hire for your wedding in Singapore.

• Variety Band – This wedding entertainment group can play a variety of music genre, from classic love songs to to modern popular hits. If you want to hire a singer on your wedding in Singapore and you want your tunes to be made up of requests from your guests, this is the perfect band for your reception.

• Dance Band – A wedding live band that specializes in dance music should be your first choice if you want an open dance to be the highlight of your wedding banquet. Dance can mean a lot of things to your guests, so hire a band that knows how to incorporate both old and new dance tunes, so that you maximize the number of guests who’ll enjoy the party.

• Tribute Band – A cover band or a tribute band that focuses on a specific performer, band or type of music. So if you and your partner are obsessed with a specific singer or band, you might want to hire a wedding live band in Singapore that specializes in their songs. You will enjoy how they mimic the singing style, so you will feel like your favorite band is playing on your wedding.

• Swing Singers/Band – If majority of your guests are into ballroom dancing, you might want a wedding live music theme that focuses on that genre during the open dance. Swing music is also great for background music during the cocktail or dinner reception.

• Soft Rock Band – More commonly known as old love songs, soft rock is perfect as wedding live music, especially if the band has a very good singer. Your guests will also be able to recognize most of the songs and some of the elder couples in the venue may hear numbers that would remind them of their own weddings.

• Classic Rock Band – The genre refers to the type of rock music produced between the 60s and 80s, so if you like excellent songs with good tunes and sensible lyrics, pick a wedding live band that is familiar with such songs. Your guests will also love to sing along to these popular tunes, plus the music can serve as good background for the dinner reception.

• Modern Alternative Band – If you love rock and soft rock music from the 90s onwards, then a modern alternative wedding live band in Singapore is your best bet. Your friends and the younger guests will also love the song selection and will probably sing-along with the tunes.

• Classical or Opera – Don’t like dancing and modern music? Classical and opera pieces not only serve as great background music for the ceremony and reception, the music is also less disruptive and less noisy than popular tunes. A wedding live band that plays these pieces, however, might need more than a four-member band, with each member specializing in classical instruments. You might also want to consider a vocal ensemble to sing during the ceremony for a sophisticated and intimate wedding celebration.

• String Trios or Quartets – This type of wedding live band in Singapore is made up of a combination of violin (sometimes two violins), viola, and cello. Chamber music produced during the classical period is perfect for intimate celebrations in indoor venues with only a few guests.

• Chamber Orchestra – If a trio or quartet of musicians seem insufficient for the type of wedding you have in mind, you might want to consider a concert or chamber orchestra that’s composed of at least fifty musicians. The orchestra will usually consist of the following: clarinet quartet, saxophone quartet, reed trio, horn quartet, brass quintet, tuba-euphonium quartet, trombone quartet, percussion quartet, piano duo, and guitar quartet. However, there are also mixed ensembles with fewer musicians such as Pierrot, flute-viola-harp trio, flexible music, Le Marteau, Soldat, and Sinfonietta ensembles.

• Gospel Choirs – Couples who are both devout in their faith might want to hire a gospel choir for their wedding ceremony and reception. Gospel is a type of Christian music that has influences from religious hymns, country music, and rhythm and blues. If you want to incorporate music besides the a cappella from the choir, a wedding live band that specializes in wedding live music is a must. The band, like any regular wedding live band, must include the following: piano, drums, bass, and electric guitar.

• Wedding Guitarists/Pianists – You can either pick a solo guitarist or pianist or a guitar-piano duo for your wedding live music. Although these musicians are great for creating the right mood during the ceremony, you might want to hire more than a one-person band for the reception if you’re planning a longer celebration with entertainment.

• Jazz Ensemble – A jazz ensemble might look like an orchestra, but the two bands use different sets of musical instruments. For a jazz band, you can pick from the three-part, four-part, and large jazz ensembles. The instruments include the following in different combinations: banjo, bass, drums, piano, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, tuba, violin, viola, and cello. Sometimes, the jazz bands that specialize in wedding live music will also include vocalists.

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