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Everything You Need to Know About Pest Control for Your Home

There’s nothing quite as annoying and potentially dangerous to your health as a house pest, and having to deal with them is definitely not a task for the squeamish.

Whether you’re frightened or fascinated by all kinds of creatures, you would definitely agree that pests don’t belong in your home. They’re often left unseen until it’s too late, and you already have to call pest control services to fumigate your home.

Types of House Pests

Singapore hosts a humid climate that’s perfect for these unwelcome house guests to come over and crash without even having to pay rent, but will leave more than their fair share of diseases in their wake. Here are a few of them:

• Rodents – Rodents are no doubt the number one enemy of any household with a food pantry. Common types include the brown rat (found in sewers) and the black rat (found in roofs).

• Cockroaches – This unwanted guest is best known for the proverb: “for every one you kill, there are a thousand lurking inside the walls”. They prefer to scavenge for food scraps at night and tend to hide in small, hard-to-reach crevices to rest and breed.

• Termites –Little termite can wreak a lot of havoc in the dense living structure of HDBs given there’s enough moist wood to go around, from furniture, to floorboards, to even drywall. They will even build mud tunnels in your house to connect their colonies.

• Houseflies –Anything that has a sickly sweet smell, whether the source is uncovered food or an uncovered trash can, will draw them in. They are more commonly found in tropical weather than in temperate climates.

While some house pests are generally just annoying to have around the house, such as flying ants, other pests such as cockroaches and rats can really give you and your family a hard time if you’re not careful in disposing trash and making sure your home is pest-free.

For instance, leptospirosis and the bubonic plague are diseases transmitted by rats, cockroaches can leave all kinds of bacteria, and a termite infestation means you can say goodbye to your drywall and wooden furniture that they happen to come across.

Common Hiding Spots for Pests

A general rule of thumb you can follow is that house pests will always tend to go for dark, hard-to-reach corners, or will get inside your house through any nooks or crannies big enough for them to crawl through and hide.

For instance, if you see an area in your home that’s cool, dark, and damp, such as underneath the kitchen sink, you can usually expect all kinds of insect pests to make their home there. The same can be said for other corners you can’t reach over with your broom or vacuum cleaner.

If you suspect severe infestation in your home, a Singapore pests exterminator can help save your property from the infestation and damage. Get rid of cockroaches, exterminate rodents, and remove termites for good by calling pest control services near your location.

DIY At-Home Pest Control

Most of the time, you won’t need to call pest control management when you can do it on your own. You can minimize the effects of insect pests at your home and make it unattractive for these unwelcome house guests by taking steps to keep your home clean:

• Don’t give them any reason to come to your house. Pests are attracted to food and water sources above all else, and uncovered trash cans and food left lying around in the open is an invitation for these pests to raid your home.

• Mind the gaps. Any holes or gaps in your home left unattended is a wide entry door for all sorts of pests. Ants are especially persistent in finding ways to make a home for themselves in your home,

• Keep your plumbing watertight. Leaky plumbing can also attract a good number of rats and cockroaches to your home if you’re not careful – rats are actually pretty good swimmers, and cockroaches can survive in environments with little oxygen.

• Use natural pesticides as much as possible. As much as you think standard bug spray can solve the problem, the same bug spray can cause additional health problems should you happen to accidentally get so much as a whiff.

DIY pest control management all starts with regular cleaning. Whether it’s clearing the dust bunnies in corners or segregating your trash and taking them out regularly, small steps can go a long way to keeping your home safe, clean, and pest free.

However, there will always be that one persistent pest that keeps on coming back no matter what you do – and when you do encounter that pest, it’s time to call for help.

Contacting a Pest Control Service

Don’t hesitate to contact pest control services in Singapore to terminate pest problems and severe infestations in your home. With a good pest control service, you can expect quality treatment of your home and environmentally-friendly methods of getting rid of house pests.

Not only does a good pest control service have a wide range of knowledge and experience in dealing with these types of problems, but they can also give you valuable advice for keeping pests away from your home.

This all starts with a thorough inspection and assessment of your home, which is made possible through certified operators who are trained to handle house pests and use the appropriate treatment to manage them.

They are also trained to work on a wide variety of venues, whether it’s your home, office, or warehouse.

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