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Important Components of the Fire Alarm System

The purpose of most modern fire alarm systems in Singapore is to combine the benefits of alarms and smoke detectors. Even buildings that have passed fire safety standards will still need an effective fire protection system because to prevent loss of lives, injuries, and damages to property.

To better understand the function of the fire protection system, let’s break down its important components.

• Control Panel. This is the brain of the fire protection system and contains all the programs, user interface, and operating devices. One control panel is required for different zones assigned by the fire protection system provider. These zones are based on measurements done in each room, the number of occupants, and the possible fire hazards in the area. The control panel may be accessed and turned off manually if the fire protection system in Singapore needs silencing, reprogramming, or resetting.

• Initiating Device. This is the term used for the detection devices that monitor signs of smoke, heat, and ionization smoke. These initiating devices may be found in places where there is a high risk of fire like machines or equipment, ventilating and cooling systems like the ducts, and others. Most of these devices detect smoke or heat automatically and will send signals to trigger the alarm but initiating devices may also be operated manually if needed.

• Indicating Appliance. This is the fire alarm systems that will signal to the occupants that there may be a fire or emergency situation that needs to be addressed. Indicating appliances may be in the form of the following: sirens, bells, horns, chimes, strobe lights, and others. These are placed in locations where everyone will be able to hear or see the signals during an emergency.

• Batteries. In case of power outage, the fire protection system includes its own power supply which will function for a limited time. These rechargeable batteries are found in the control panels or in other enclosures. The batteries ensure that the fire alarm systems will continue to function in any emergency.

• Auxiliary Devices. Sophisticated fire alarm systems in Singapore may also include other devices for extra fire protection such as LED indicators for zones, diagnostic tools for the fire protection system, silence switch for alarms, electromagnetic door holders, emergency voice alarm systems, and many more. Other fire protection system features also include safety interfaces to help control the spread of fire and smoke while waiting for the fire department to respond. These include sprinklers, suppression systems, and devices that control the movement of air, lightning, and where the evacuees should exit.

Please note that the components listed here is not an exhaustive list of the parts of a fire protection system. Modern fire alarm systems have additional features depending on the type and complexity of the installation. Design considerations are crucial in making sure that the system will work when it is needed.

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